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Did I turn the coffee maker off? Did I lock the front door? Did I set the security alarm? These are just some of the many nagging little doubts that can crowd your mind when you leave home. With a smart home, you can quiet all of these worries with a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet. Home automation combines numerous smart technologies that allow you to manage your home while you’re away. To learn more about some of the top smart home upgrades, watch this video clip.

If you want to bring your home into the 21 st century, contact a smart home installation company in New Orleans. Home automation will make your life easier, more convenient, and even more energy efficient. Add surveillance equipment to your smart home for added safety and security.


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“I’m delighted to have found a source of expertise for electronic services that is a refreshing alternative to the general incompetence of the larger cable companies.” Tim G.


Everything is getter smarter these days, including smartphones, smart cars, and even smart homes. Great strides have been made in home automation technology, which makes it easier and more affordable than ever to run your home through a remote, tablet, or smartphone. Before you jump to conclusions and say that home automation is an unnecessary luxury, just consider some of the ways in which a home automation system can benefit you. For help finding the right system for your home, contact a New Orleans home automation installer.

Saves Time and Money

If you’re like most people, you probably spend most of your day running from place to place, working at a feverish pace to accomplish everything on your never-ending to-do list. With a home automation system, you never have to worry about interrupting your errands or leaving work early to open the door for your children after school or check to see if you turned off the lights or other household items. Another added benefit of home automation is how much you’ll save on your monthly utility bills since you’ll no longer be spending money for household appliances left on in your family’s absence.

Adds Safety and Security

Home automation will certainly increase your comfort and convenience, but it will also increase your home’s safety and security. With a home automation system, you can lock your doors with the tap of your finger. You also have the ability to control the lighting around your home via a tablet or smartphone, which can make your home appear inhabited (and less tempting to burglars) while you are running errands at night or away on vacation. If your home automation system includes surveillance equipment, you can have even greater peace of mind that your family and your belongings are safe by checking in on a live feed of your home anytime, anywhere.


With smart home solutions more affordable than ever, homeowners around the country are starting to seriously consider the benefits of automation. You can probably imagine how home automation will make your life easier and more comfortable, but have you ever considered the energy savings of a home automation system? Contact a smart home installer in New Orleans and start enjoying these energy saving benefits of automation.

Smarter Use of Electricity

A home automation system is typically custom-designed to meet your family’s specific needs. By learning about your family’s behaviors, your home automation installer in New Orleans can recommend products and solutions to use electricity more efficiently. This might mean motion-activated room lights or timer on electronics and appliances that typically get left on overnight by accident, such as the television or electric range.

Reduced Heating and Cooling Bills

One of the biggest ways a home automation system will reduce your energy bills is by improving the way your home uses the air conditioner and heater. Heating and cooling make up a considerable percentage of your monthly bills, which is why home automation solutions aim to eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling cycles. A smart thermostat, for instance, can be programmed to turn off while the home is empty and turn back on just before someone arrives from school or work to provide indoor comfort without wasting energy all day.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Home automation systems provide the ability to monitor and manage your home while on-the-go, which means you can keep your home running efficiently even when you’re on vacation. Have your home automation installer in New Orleans show you how to turn off lights, turn the thermostat up or down, and even activate automated window shades to cool down the inside of your home all from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


So, you just purchased a 60-inch flat screen TV online—now what? You could spend hours trying to get your TV installed and set-up just the way you want it, or you could kick back and let the TV installation professionals at Bruno Audio & Video of New Orleans take care of it for your. Whether you want your TV hung on a wall or placed on a beautiful entertainment stand, our experts can place your TV just where you want it and make sure the cords are neatly tucked away or hidden behind the wall for a clean appearance.

In addition to TV installation, Bruno Audio & Video of New Orleans provides everything else you need to get the most out of your home’s entertainment system, including home theater set-up and remote control programming. Our TV installation professionals have experience installing all the top brands, including Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, LG, and more!