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As much fun as it can be to have a home theater system in New Orleans, it is always much more enjoyable when it is done right. Part of the process of planning out this project is deciding which room will house your new home theater. Continue on if you could use some help in choosing the right room for your home theater.

Acoustics and Sound

The cinematic experience relies on audio as much as video. For this reason, your home theater system must be installed in a room with decent acoustics so that the audio can be conveyed as it was meant to. Combined with high quality surround sound speakers, a room with the proper acoustics can deliver cinematic quality audio from every corner of the room. Home theater systems are best put together in rectangular rooms rather than square rooms for optimal sound distribution. A seating arrangement that caters to the center of the room is preferable, which also frees up space for you to place surround sound speakers around the room’s perimeter. It is important to have speakers behind the viewers as well as in front of them for a quality viewing experience.


In addition to a proper acoustic set up, the room you choose for your home theater should have optimal lighting conditions. A room that is lined with windows should not be one that is chosen for your home theater system because windows allow natural light to enter the room. However, thick curtains can absorb the natural sunlight for a darker atmosphere in the room. Lighting should typically be minimized whether it is natural or otherwise. This is especially true if you are using a projector; this type of viewing method is most effective in a very dark room.


A true cinematic experience is as loud as it is visually stimulating. In order to enjoy these components responsibly, you should make sure the sound stays in your home theater. Consider setting up your home theater system in a soundproofed room so that you do not disturb your family, roommates, or neighbors.

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