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The term “media room” might as well be used in place of “living room,” since most modern living rooms are outfitted with large flat-screen televisions, surround sound systems, and cozy seating —the three main characteristics of a media room. The real problem is when people use “media room” and “home theater” interchangeably. Sure, both spaces provide great movie-watching experiences, but the equipment, design, and layout used in a media room and home theater are quite different. The differences between a media room and home theater include:

Design and Layout

The first difference you will notice between a media room and home theater is each room’s design and layout. A media room is for more than just watching movies, so furniture pieces are arranged to accommodate other activities. Home theater seating is generally arranged in rows facing forward to replicate a movie theater. Home theaters are also usually much darker to help the movie-watching experience.

Audio and Visual Equipment

There is also a big difference in the A/V equipment used in media rooms and home theaters. While media rooms typically feature high-end flat screen televisions and surround sound systems, they pale in comparison to the A/V technology used inside a home theater. After all, the goal of a home theater is to recreate the theater experience at home, so these rooms typically use HD projectors and theater-quality sound systems.


While media rooms can be put together with minimal knowledge of how audio visual components work, a home theater installation is serious business. If you want a home theater that will rival your local big-screen cinema, hire a home theater installation company in New Orleans to install all of the components you need. A home theater installer can also make sure that all of the wires are hidden for a clean and professional look.

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