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There’s nothing like enjoying an authentic movie theater experience right in the comfort of your own home. Bruno’s Audio & Video can help you bring the magic of the movies home with home theater design and home theater installation in Covington. Our audio and video experts can help you with everything from the layout of your home stereo system to projector and television installation and smart home audio solutions to create the perfect movie-going experience for your family and friends.

Basic Components of a Home Theater

Basic Components of a Home Theater

A home theater is a place where viewers can immerse themselves in silver screen magic without ever leaving the house. There are many components, both integral and optional, that you can include in your home theater design, depending on your preferences and your budget.

  • The Picture: . Whether you want to install a high-quality television or opt for a professional-grade projection system, choosing the highest definition you can afford will ensure you continue to enjoy your home theater as the image quality of home media makes further advancements.

  • The Sound:  There are many home stereo system options, ranging from the speakers included with your television to smart wireless surround sound. The more channels of sound your system includes, the more realistic your experience will become. Surround sound systems also require a receiver to process sound from media and send it to your speakers.

  • The Media:  Watching movies at home requires some form of media, whether you opt for DVDs, Blu-ray discs, or even digital streaming. Your home theater will need one or more media players to allow you to watch movies in your desired format.

Home Theater System Design & Installation Tips

Home Theater System Design & Installation Tips

Only you can decide the best layout and design of your home theater system; however, keeping a few simple tips in mind can help you avoid common mistakes and enjoy the best movie experience. You can reach Bruno’s Audio & Video for more information about home theater and surround sound system design and installation by calling (504) 430-9182.

  • If possible, place your home theater in a rectangular or round room, rather than a strictly square one. This will improve not only your projection and viewing capabilities, but the quality of your sound as well.

  • Choose an area of your home with as few windows as possible for home theater installation. Investing in high-quality heavy curtains or shades to cover the windows you do have will improve your viewing experience immensely.

  • Talk to your surround sound system dealer about the best placement for your speakers to get the greatest effect. Speaker placement can be as important as—if not more than—speaker quality.

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