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Home Security & Business Surveillance

Home Security Camera

Think about it – there may not be two more important places in your life that need safety and security than:

  • Your home security – there’s your family, items such as heirlooms, jewelry, artwork, antiques, silverware, electronics, and your vehicles.
  • Your business/place of work security – there’s vehicles, equipment, product that is produced. You can even be robbed in the parking lot if the area is not secured.

There’s so much to value, and Bruno’s Audio & Video will help you achieve peace of mind making sure everyone, everything is safe and secure.

Home-and-business security has evolved rapidly, and innovations seem to come at a lightning pace. The emergence and spread of web-connected appliances, thermostats, security systems and other objects – gives even more options for protection.

The protection choices are multiplying as criminals become more sophisticated.

Bruno’s Audio & Video can help you achieve peace of mind thanks to its certified, highly trained and knowledgeable technicians in this rapidly evolving world.

Bruno’s Audio & Video Security and Surveillance experts:

  • Know about numerous types of security and surveillance gear.
  • They’re up on the latest trends in home and business protection.
  • Can help you design a system that prevents potential criminals from gaining access to the places where you spend most of your time.
  • Will explain how a proper security and surveillance system can result in significant discounts on insurance premiums.

The professionals at Bruno’s Audio & Video also have long practice at installing security systems at an affordable budget.

Make sure you get the full value of any security and surveillance investment thanks to professional and expert guidance and installation.

Make sure you get want you desire most: Safety and security at your home and business.  

No matter the size of the job, the staff at Bruno’s Audio & Video does it all, and we welcome special product and installation requests. Our company is proud to be your local headquarters for audio and video products and services.

Ready to install a security system for your home or business? Allow Bruno Audio & Video to assist you. Call us today at (504) 430-9182 to receive a free estimate!

Security System Installation

Security System Installation

Your home and business are extremely valuable commodities, but are you taking the appropriate steps to protect them? Bruno Audio & Video provides the surveillance and security camera equipment and installation you need to secure your home and business and protect them from theft. In New Orleans, a correctly installed security system can be the factor that saves your home or business from being robbed.

What Types of security cameras are available?

Providing the Technology You Need

Providing the Technology You Need

Bruno Audio & Video works with you to select the surveillance equipment that fits your needs, and our certified technicians can come and personally install your new equipment. We also offers other exceptional services to improve the technology in your home. Our technicians are experts in installing home theater systems and TVs as well.

We offers the services you need to make the most of your home , including:

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