3 Home Theater System Essentials for Your Louisiana Home

What You Need For a Fantastic Home Theater Installation

The holiday season is always exciting. Not only do we get to spend precious time with friends and family, but we also get to watch special movies, shows, and sports games this time of year. There’s nothing better than watching the football game at Thanksgiving dinner with all of your loved ones by your side. But if your TV and speakers are outdated, it may be difficult to enjoy all those moments. So what do you need to get ready for the big game or that Charlie Brown Holiday Special with your kids? Keep reading to discover the three essentials you need for a fantastic home theater system in your Covington, LA home.

1. 4K Projector or TV

Do you want to enjoy stunning 4K picture? Ultra-High Definition—also known as 4K– delivers four times the resolution in total pixels of full HD 1080p. Ultra HD technology is available in flat-panel TVs, super-thin OLED TVs, projectors for your home theater, and even video distribution systems for the whole home.

2. Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

Dolby Atmos is a 3D audio format that brings the action right into your home through realistic sound distribution. Traditionally, sound is mixed on two channels and then played through a few speakers. Surround sound meant you placed multiple speakers around the room so you could hear the soundtrack all around you. However, 3D audio separates pieces of sound into individual objects and then moves them in a three-dimensional space so you can experience the full effect and feel of being transported to another world. For example, if it’s raining in the movie you are watching and thunder strikes, the sound system will play the track above you and move it to the lower speakers to simulate the lightning hitting the ground and the thunder booming in the distance. Many movies and TV shows are being mixed with Dolby Atmos technology so you can enjoy it at home in many different ways.

3. Custom Controls & Automation

Guests get easily confused when they see five remotes lying on the table and don’t know which one turns the TV on. Make it simple for your family and friends who stay with you during the holidays. Install custom controls that streamline your home theater system. All they have to do is press one button labeled “movie” on a keypad on the wall or open an app on their mobile device to select the channel and volume setting. We also have universal remotes that can adjust the lighting, thermostat, and shades, as well as the audio video. You could even use automation to plan your family gatherings. Before guests arrive, select the channel or show you want to watch, the volume level, the lighting setting and then set it to turn on right when the party begins.

If you need to update your home with any of these home theater essentials, contact us online. We’ll help you get ready for special occasions and, at the same time, simplify your everyday life.

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