Save Money and Add Convenience with Integrated Commercial Solutions

Reap Rewards with Smart Technology in Your Covington, LA Business

If you own a company or facility Covington, LA,  it’s up to you to make sure the business is profitable and cuts down on costs—whether that relates to energy usage or other monthly expenses. Your building’s lighting, heating and cooling system, and controls can make a big different in how much you spend on utilities throughout the year. Not only does automation technology give you practical benefits, but can also improve the quality and comfort of your work environment. Your staff will feel safe and comfortable, while your business partners and executives will be elated that you shaved thousands of dollars off your ledger. Read this blog to learn about the main benefits of updating your building with our integrated commercial solutions.

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Save Energy with Automated Lighting

Have you ever walked by a bright building in Covington and not seen a soul inside? There could be one person staying late, or cleaning service tidying offices, but do all the lights need to be on? Occupancy/vacancy sensors can help manage the lights so that energy is never wasted. For example, as soon as the cleaning staff walks into one room, the lights turn on. As soon as they are done vacuuming the floor and leave, the lights turn off. In addition, at the end of the work day, the last employee to leave can press one button to turn off all the lights at once. Integrated building controls can also ensure only a few outside flood lights are left on for security purposes. 

Increase Savings with Monitoring Systems

How do you know which area of your facility is driving your electricity bill super high? It’s crucial to know exactly which devices and functions are causing the business to waste resources. Our smart systems not only monitor and control the different sub systems in your facility, but they also regulate the performance of various facility functions. At the end of every month, managers can analyze the results and make changes. Our team can also help you device a custom plan and make improvements. Knowledge is power and the first step to taking full control of your business’ long-term success.

Improve the Comfort of Your Staff using Smart Controls

There’s a delicate balance of cutting back to make the most of your company’s profits and also making your staff happy too. If you manage an office, for example, you could benefit from an integrated system that can easily change the thermostat, lighting settings, and security. Using one easy-to-use device, you can access every aspect of the building to make your employees comfortable and also meet your monthly budget. Once you have all of these features in place, you need the right controls to get the most out of them. Bruno Audio Video will be able to train you on how to use the system effectively to satisfy each person who walks through the door and still cut back on monthly expenses. We can confidently say that your business will be more productive and simpler to operate when all your technology and subsystems work together with easy user control.

To add these benefits to your business, contact us online. We’ll meet with you to devise a plan to cut back on yearly expenses.

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