Five Most Common Types of Security Cameras

Enhance Your Home Security with these Top Five Security Cameras

We’ve talked about the importance of having a home security system in your New Orleans, home, and the different ways you can use it. But when it comes to security cameras, which ones do you choose? There are hundreds of different types of surveillance cameras, and it can be hard to navigate the options, but that’s why it’s best to work with a local professional to install them. We can recommend the right brands and types to meet your specific needs. Take a look at this blog on the five main types of surveillance cameras.

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Dome Security Cameras

Most indoor home security cameras are dome cameras. The name comes from their shape which allows them to provide a 360-degree view. This means you can place one at the center of a room to cover the entire space. As one of the standards of the surveillance industry, these cameras include most of the features you’d expect: infrared, tilt, pan and zoom capabilities. 

Bullet Security Cameras

When you envision a security camera, you’re probably thinking of these. These bullet cameras are most commonly used for outdoor spaces since they’re usually used to monitor a fixed area. For example, these could be placed on the exterior of your home to get an overall view of your backyard. Due to their sturdy coverings, they are also known for standing up well to the elements whether it’s rain or extreme temperatures.

Daylight Security Cameras

With infrared technology now being a standard in most security cameras, the need for specific night-time cameras has decreased. You’ll be surprised to find that recording images in the daytime can often be the more difficult task. Many outdoor cameras include a wide dynamic range–an imaging technique meant to diminish brightness. This way you don’t have to worry about missing out on valuable footage because of direct sunlight or glare hitting the camera.

Daylight Security Cameras

Security cameras that respond to motion or movement have become increasingly common for security systems that don’t include professional surveillance services. Without the time to sort through hours of surveillance footage, these cameras will only record when something is happening. Once something occurs within their range of view, they begin recording and save the clip to a DVR. They can also be programmed to start recording when your security alarm or smoke detector go off.

Hidden Security Cameras

In the surveillance world, the popular ‘nanny cams’ are usually called covert cameras. While you can certainly still go for the camera hidden in an object approach, that’s not the only option. Many companies offer cameras designed to look like something else, be it a smoke detector or power adapter.  Though there are many uses for covert cameras, we recommend making your home security cameras visible to deter criminals.

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