Simplify Your Home with One Touch

RTI Transforms New Orleans Houses with Smart Home Automation

What if you could make your home come alive in one touch? Our partner RTI develops smart home automation systems that can be customized to your lifestyle—from playing your favorite song as you walk in the front door to arming the security system as you leave the driveway. So what exactly is a day in the life of a smart home? Keep reading to learn more about how our systems work and also how they can bring big benefits to your family.

7 a.m.

Your smart system will wake-up you up with the entire house as the shades rise to let the sunshine in. The smart thermostat adjusts the temperature to help get you prepared for the day at the same time.

10 a.m.

You’re busy at work but want to check on your house and see if your dog is ok in the backyard and if an important package arrived. Check in using your smartphone. You’ll also be able to stay notified of any unusual activity while you’re away—like a broken window, a water, leak, or other suspicious events that warrant your attention.

4 p.m.

Your coworkers invite you to happy hour. While you’re socializing, you get an alert on your phone that your kids have arrived home from school and disarmed the security system. However, they leave the front door unlocked. You lock it for them so they stay safe at home. Then you also check your security cameras to see if the dog has been let out. If not, you text the kids to remind them to take Toby for a walk.

6 p.m.

You get home after a long day and want to unwind with some entertainment. As the sun sets the shades close, the front porch light turns on, and your thermostat lowers the temperature so you can stay cool. You enter your home theater and use your smart remote to bring up the last TV show you were watching to finish the episode. You notice as you sit on the couch that the lights are a bit too bright for the screen so you dim them down to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

11 p.m.

After you’ve finished binge-watching The Walking Dead, you press a button to turn off all the electronics and other devices in the house, such as the home theater, lights, and shades. The security system arms, the doors lock, and the thermostat raises a bit so that it’s not too cold while you sleep and you can save more energy throughout the night. After you fall into a deep sleep, it’s time to wake up and start all over again!

Now that you know what a day in the life of a smart home system is like, give us a call or contact us online. We can customize your home to meet your daily schedule and keep your family safe.

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